PSE Factoria: Complete!

Our project for Puget Sound Energy’s Factoria Service Center was completed in October. This was a 32,000 s.f. new office building and renovation of an existing warehouse facility. We are on track to receive LEED Gold certification under LEED v2.2. This is the largest project complete to date by Magellan Architects, so this is a proud moment for our design team!

Principal in Charge: Pedro Castro

Project Manager: Glenn Steiner

Design Support: Howard Lee, Josh Peterson, Heather Tomlin, Brianne Culley, Theresa Greene

General Contractor: Lydig Construction

Consultants: Case Engineering (Electrical), Abossein Engineering (Mechanical), Dibble Engineering (Structural), David Evans + Associates (Civil), O’brien + Co. (LEED Project Management), McKinstry (CxA)


One Response

  1. I would be nice to see some of the green features implemented into the project. Some of the features are noticeable on the pictures though. it’s nice to see that you guys took the extra steps to go beyond bronze. Keep up the good work!

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