Favorite Finishes: J&J Invision Carpet

J&J Invision is a carpet company that is new to Magellan, but not new to the carpet industry. They have over 50 years of experience in the commercial carpet business, offering both modular and broadloom options to architects, designers and end-users. J&J Invision was best known in the Eastern US for quite some time, as that is where they are headquartered and where their manufacturing facilities are. However, now they are making an effort to break into the West Coast market.


J&J Invision has many patterns featuring wonderful texture over neutral backgrounds

J&J Invision has many patterns featuring wonderful texture over neutral backgrounds

One thing we love about J&J Invision is that they offer a wide variety of carpet options at a great price range. From the lower-budget $12-16/yard (modular) options all the way up to the higher-end options coming in around the $35-ish/yard (modular) range. They offer beautiful color options, and a lot of their lines also have matching coordinates in solids.


Rich colorways

Rich colorways

Another thing that made us love J&J Invision even more is their commitment to our environment. Their manufacturing process has been streamlined to reduce wastewater discharge, water consumption, electrical consumption, natural gas consumption and to work with solid waste management so that we don’t fill up our landfills.  Their products contain recycled content, much of which they recycle at their own plant by re-using items that were originally considered waste.  Our local product rep will also pick up ANY samples or un-used product to recycle at their plant. This includes all other manufactures – which we’ve already made use of a couple of different times.


Subtle patterns

Subtle patterns

Check out J&J Invision today! www.jj-invision.com


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