Oceanside Tile

On Friday we had Jeff from Oceanside Glass Tile and Jada from Abiente European Tile Design in our office to show us some of the latest products that Oceanside is offering.


The great thing about Oceanside is that a lot of their glass tiles are made of recycled glass bottles that are collected down in California. They’ve been doing this since they started the company in 1992. A lot of the tile work is still done by hand, which is pretty unique in today’s machine-run manufacturing industry. Because of the hand-made nature of these mosaics, they can do custom blends pretty easily. Take a look at their website (http://www.glasstile.com/) to see how custom blends are created by clicking on the link for “Create your own Mosaic”.


Check out the following for inspiration in your projects:


Shadow Photo: Glass field tile in the “Elevations” Collection – Color is Shadow

Painted Desert

Painted Desert: Mixture of glass and stone tiles in mosaic.

Trim piece

Trim Piece: Oceanside offers trim pieces which can be used in a variety of applications, such as pool edges, counter top edges, etc.

Hand made

Hand Made: Shows an Oceanside Employee scoring the thin glass between each tile before breaking them off into the 1” by 1”mosaics that you see on their website.

Mandala: Take a look at their sister company, Mandala (http://mandalatile.com/), as well! Oceanside stocks products from the Mandala line in their warehouse in California. They have teamed with a number of manufacturers throughout the world to bring this beautiful collection to us.



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